I was commissioned by the award winning Multi-national agency 'Dreambox Visual Communications' to create Almayadeen TV Brand Identity.
Below is a summarized version of the brief in addition to the WINNING BRAND IDENTITY & some of the pieces that were pitched to explain how this brand identity can travel through the different mediums.*

The objective is to create a strong brand image and the tools to identify Al Mayadeen as TV Newschannel with a professional journalist language and balance with modern informational vision where people will have a media platform to attend, dialogue and interact.The aim is to achieve a high quality visuals and convey to audience all aspects of Al Mayadeen personality and its core or essence should be: Credibility.

Target Audience  
The TV channel target audiences are arabic speakers that are concerned about social justice, free expression, liberty and reforms. Young or old people, males or females with interest in politics, economy, finance, technology, science,sports. The target is not limited to Arab Nations, also other countries by satellite broadcast (e.g. There are three million of Arabs living in USA)

To know more check out the TV website: www.almayadeen.net  in addition to the Live Online Broadcast!

* Not all of the below designs were selected as they were mainly meant to show the potential of this logo.

Al-Mayadeen means “City Squares” in Arabic. As we all know, the Arab Spring started when revolutions began in the Arab World with people setting themselves on fire at the city squares for freedom.
In pursuit of freedom, social justice, freedom of speech and equality, the channel was ready to begin a revolution in the Arab media too. Yet, it was essential that their self-identity was preserved in the process. The management adopted a calligraphic style to represent this self-image and the logo I came up with symbolizes a glowing firebrand in the hands of a revolutionist. The futuristic emblem which represents moving forward may also be interpreted as “City Squares” thanks to the outstanding art of Arabic calligraphy.

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